What we Do

Research   Agence Thaly International offers you to develop studies especially situation analyses before project start and evaluation of results after project completion. This service is particularly useful for measuring knowledge, attitudes, opinions, social norms, barriers, etc. of different population groups in order to develop communication strategies that are relevant and oriented towards social and behavioral change. For this purpose, ATI mainly uses participatory qualitative methods of research and works with sociologists and anthropologists.


ATI contributed to a baseline and evaluation study as part of the implementation of the juvenile justice communication strategy developed by UNICEF Tunisia.

Communication Strategies  Agence Thaly International develops communication strategies for behavior and social change. These strategies take into account different groups of participants, from the so-called primary groups, namely those whose behavioral change is desired, to the groups of participants who have the most influence over them (secondary and tertiary participants) to groups at the meso level - namely public and private service providers and the media, and the macro level - decision-makers. The communication strategies developed by ATI are based on evidence from qualitative and quantitative research, and they set targets for quantified changes in terms of knowledge, attitudes, opinions, beliefs and social norms.


ATI contributed to four communication strategies for maternal, neonatal and child health improvement for UNICEF in West Africa (Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, Mauritania and Nigeria), a communication for development strategy for UNICEF Tchad office, a communication strategy for the development of good health care waste management practices in Tunisia for the National Waste Management Agency and a comprehensive communication strategy for the Association of Liberian Construction Contractors (ALCC) as part of a project implemented by GIZ/GFA.

Implementation of communication projects  Agence Thaly International implements participatory communication projects for behavioral and social change in Tunisia and Africa. For this purpose, it uses accessible or usable channels and media for different audiences (participants at community level). It usually uses interpersonal communication (community dialogues, meetings, demonstrations, artistic activities, sports, etc.), videos and participatory theater (forum theater) and social networks (facebook). The materials are developed by these participants, highlighting the "positive deviants", those among the groups of micro participants who adopted the new practices, so that they express in their own way the benefits of new practices and how they managed to change their own practices. During community dialogues, the different groups exchange and decide on their own action plans to achieve the goals they have set themselves.


ATI helped to implement the communication strategy for juvenile justice with UNICEF Tunisia and the communication strategy for the improvement of health care waste management practices with the National Agency of Waste Management (ANGed) in Tunisia.

Training   Agency Thaly International offers training in communication for behavioral and social change, participatory community approach and participatory interpersonal communication. These courses use adult teaching methods such as group work, games, role plays and case studies.


Dominique Thaly conducted training in participatory community approaches in Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea and Chad. ATI conducted a series of 12 training courses in communication for social and behavioral change to improve health care waste management practices in Tunisia on behalf of the National Waste Management Agency (ANGed) and one training in waste management for the municipality of Tlemcen, Algeria as part of a GIZ/PEM Consult project. Similarly, ATI conducted training in communication for development as part of the UNICEF Tunisia project to implement the communication strategy on juvenile justice

Moderation / Expertise  Agence Thaly offers workshop and process moderation services, as well as expertise for writing project concepts. For this, it uses among others Capacity Works, which is a method developed by GIZ to manage change and projects based on the five factors of success of projects: strategy, cooperation, piloting, networking and the enabling political environment.


Agence Thaly uses and has professional moderation equipment, namely moderation (VIPP) pinboards and suitcases. Moderation is in French or English.


Dominique Thaly moderated many workshops as part of her support to GIZ, but also to UNICEF in as part of the project to implement the juvenile justice communication strategy, the development of communication strategies in Africa and the National Agency for Waste Management and Tunisia. She also developed concept notes for GIZ projects in agriculture, governance and water management in Tunisia.