Dominique Thaly collaborated with several GIZ projects in Tunisia, one project by GIZ Algeria and one project by GIZ Liberia to moderate workshops and develop concept notes.

Dominique Thaly moderated the following workshops:

  • Workshop for Workstream Gender, Fragility an Conflict in MENA.
  • Superior Feedback process in Decentralisation Programm ADEC in Tunisia.
  • Preparation of the program "Support to decentralization" - ART Workshop of operational planning of the second phase of the project in Tunisia.
  • "Support to regionalization in Tunisia - ART II" and Feedback to the superior
  • Operational planning workshop 2016 of the project for the promotion of agricultural value chains (IPFA).
  • 2016 Operational Planning Workshop of the Innovations for Agriculture and Agri-Food Project in Tunisia (IAAA).
  • Planning Workshops for the Special Initiative for the participation of the local population in the management of natural water and soil resources in the upstream Nebhana hydraulic system. 
  • Project Planning Workshop Support to Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Tunisia.
  • Launching workshop of the WEAP / MODFLOW instrument in the project Support to Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Tunisia.
  • Microfinance project planning workshop in Tunisia.

Dominique has carried out the following expert missions:

  • Elaboration of the comprehensive communication strategy of the Association for Liberian Construction Contractors, Liberia (contract with GFA Consulting Group)
  • Implementation of a training and communication concept for waste management for the municipality of Tlemcen, Algeria (contract with PEM Consult)
  • Moderation (workshop, report, leaflet and power-point) of the construction process of the Tunisian-German Program for the promotion of development, innovation and financing of agricultural and agro-food sectors (ProAgri) from 4 projects.
  • Development of a concept note for the Initiative for the promotion of agricultural value chains (IPFA) project
  • Development and implementation of the communication strategy for awareness raising on the theme of water management in Kairouan within the framework of the project "Support for integrated water resources management (IWRM)" in Tunisia. Bid won by Agence Thaly International.
  • Development of a concept note for the Innovations project for agriculture and agribusiness in Tunisia.
  • Development of a concept note on the Project for the Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (PAD) in Tunisia.

ATI collaborators who worked on these projects :